How To Pass Yukon Project In Appen, Yukon First Step Exam

            Hi in this page we are decided to give you some of the basic information about Yukon project at Appen and also give the answers to pass the first stage of examination.
            Yukon project at Appen is a Google’s search engine evaluator program. Yukon is in reality is a territory in western Canada. This Google’s search engine evaluator job is mean to be rate the quality of the web pages and also the relevance of search results. If you are interest to do Yukon project at Appen firstly you have to apply. For applying firstly you have to to fill the registration form completely.  If you are admitted as an internet Analyst you can check whether Yukon project is available or not in your dashboard.
  •             To qualify the Yukon exam, general guidelines are provided. But the Yukon guidelines are updated once or twice every year.  To get works in this project you have to pass the qualification exam. If your application is approved you will get an email about your exam with a detailed instructions. These instructions have about 160 pages. Before entering the exam you have to study these 160 pages instructions thoroughly and carefully, because it helps you to pass the Yukon examination. Your exam date is after 7 days, within these 7 days you have to study this general guideline to pass the exam. These instructions contain the rating rules and concepts. Keep in mind that always follow these rules and never use your personal opinion or personal judgment. 

            Now we can discuss about the Yukon exam, there are three stages or parts of exams. If you pass the first part of exam you get the chance to attend the second one, like this if you pass first and second parts of exams respectively, you can attend the third one. The first part of exam is a multiple choice exam which is based on the theoretical content of the general guidelines. In the second part the exam is a hand on Quality rating exam and in the third part is a hand on Needs Met rating exam. You have to pass these three stages of exams to get works.

            Here we share the answers to help you to pass the first part of Yukon exam.

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