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Who Have More Fans In Kollywood

Thalapathy Vijay 7 times year topper in Tamilnadu in last 10 years;

Who Have More Fans In Tamilnadu?

Tamil Is An Old Language Of India; Considering The Google Results and INDIA TODAY (News Agency) Report We Can Say It Is The Second Oldest Language Of India. Tamilnadu Film Industry Called As Kollywood. So Many Legendary Actors Are From Tamilnadu. Rajinikanth And Kamal Haasan Are The Senior And Legendary Actors Of Tamilnadu After The Legendary Actors; Vijay (Joseph Vijay Chandrasekhar) And Ajith (Ajith Kumar) Are Competing For The First Place, Considering The Box-Office Stamina We Can Say Vijay Have More Fan Power In Box-Office Because he have the biggest first day collections and final collection.Vijay Have A Huge Market In Tamilnadu And Other South Indian States That’s Why Vijay’s Negative Movies Getting 200+ Cr Collections. After his 1994 film Rasigan, Vijay was given the prefix Ilaya Thalapathy (young commander) for the first time in this movie, and throughout the rest of his career, fans and the media referred to him by this nickname which later matured to Thalapathy.
Who Have More Fans In Tamilnadu


  • ⭐️ Vijay have Lots of biggest first day’s collections
  • ⭐️ Biggest final and first day collection with negative reviews
Thalapathy Vijay 7 times year topper in Tamilnadu in last 10 years; it also has mixed & negative reviews. Then if a movie comes out that gets a high positive review then the box-office will shatter.
  1. ⭐️ 2012: Thuppaki
  2. ⭐️ 2014: Kaththi
  3. ⭐️ 2016: Theri
  4. ⭐ 2017: Mersal
  5. ⭐️ 2018: Sarkar
  6. ⭐️ 2019: Bigil
  7. ⭐️ 2021: Master (50% Occupancy)
  • Thalapathy Vijay dominates in Tamilnadu 👑

Ajith V/S Vijay Clash Movies:-

Movies Released Within a Week Are Counted, Total Clash Releases -12
  • Vijay Clash Wins / Highest Grosser - 9 Times
  • Ajith Clash Wins / Highest Grosser - 3 Times


GFG Animated Table

Vijay Ajith Kumar
Beast - 38cr Valimai - 28.3cr
Sarkar - 31.7cr Viswasam - 16.5cr
Master - 25.4cr Vivegam - 16.7cr
Bigil - 24.3cr Vedhalam - 16.6cr
Mersal - 23.7cr Nerkonda Parvai - 16.5cr

1. Vaanmathi Vs Coimbatore Mappillai
Vaanmathi released in 1996 and it became A Clean Hit at the Box Office but Coimbatore Mappillai (1996) became an Average Grosser.
Ajith Won

2. Kalloori Vaasal V/S Poove Unakkaga
Poove Unakkaga (1996) received fully positive Reviews and Became the First Blockbuster of Vijay's Career. At The Same Time, Ajith And Prashant Starrer Kalloori Vaasal (1996) Turned Out To Be A Miserable Failure.
Vijay Won

3. Nesam V/S Kaalamellam Kaathiruppen
All The While Kaalamellam Kaathiruppen (1997) Was A Clean Washout And Nesam Failed Too. Nesam (1997) Ran For 100 Days At Chennai Mini Motcham Theater In Just 1 Morning Show; Nesam Had A Relatively Good Long Run.
Slight Edge for Ajith

4. Rettai Jadai Vayasu Vs Kadhalukku Mariyadhai
Kadhalukku Mariyadhai (1997) Has Become A Sensational Blockbuster Across Tamilnadu and Has Crossed 200 Days. It Also Ran For 100 Days In Karnataka. Rettai Jadai Vayasu (1997) Failed In Box-office.
Vijay Won

5. Unnai Thedi V/S Thulladha Manamum Thullum
Another Bb for Thulladha Manamum Thullum (1999); Vijay in Tamil Nadu. It Established Vijay As A Bankable Star In Kerala As Well. Unnai Thedi (1999) Was Also A Hit Film.
Vijay Won.

6. Unnai Kodu Ennai Tharuven V/S Khushi
Khushi Became BB In Tn. Kerala's 2nd Best Grocer Ever. Unnai Kodu Ennai Tharuven Flopped.
Vijay Won.

7. Dheena V/S Friends
Dheena Had A Grand Opening In Tamil Nadu And Kerala. Dheena Dominated All Other Pongal Releases In The Initial Days. But The Situation Soon Changed And Friends Dominated All Other Films In The Long Run.
Friends collected ₹17.5 Crore in TN While Dheena Collected ₹16.5 Crore in TN
Dheena Grossed Over ₹1 Crore in Kerala, Malayalam Superstar Sureshgopi Effect
Vijay Won. Both Pictures Are Bb. Slight Edge For Vijay.

8. Villain V/S Bagavathi
Villain Has Become A Bb And Is Second In Diwali Releases, Bagavathi Above Avg.
Ajith Won

9. Anjaneya V/S Thirumalai
Anjaneya Was a Clean Disaster at the Box Office, while Thirumalai Became a Huge Blockbuster in TN Earning ₹20.5 Crore. #Thirumalai Grosses Over ₹25 Crore Globally
Vijay Won

10. Paramasivan V/S Aathi
Aathi Had a Better Long Run and Final Gross than Paramasivan .Both The Films Flopped. Aathi Also Took The Lead Globally.
Slight Edge to Vijay.

11. Aalwar V/S Pokiri
Pokiri Was A Non-Rajini Record In Tamil Nadu. It Was a Record In Other Language Films In Kerala. Aalwar Was A Disaster At The Box Office.
Vijay Won
12. Veeram V/S Jilla
Both Achieved Almost Identical Collections in TN, With a Slight Lead for the Jilla, Jilla Took a Lead of around ₹15 Crore at the Worldwide Box Office.
Both above Avg
Vijay Won

The Verdicts Of The Above Mentioned Clash Releases Of Vijay:-

1. Coimbatore Mappillai - Average
2. Poove Unakaga - Blockbuster
3. Kaalamellam Kaathiruppen - Disaster
4. Kadhalukku Mariyadhai - Blockbuster
5. Thulladha Manamum Thullum - Blockbuster
6. Khushi - Blockbuster
7. Friends - Blockbuster
8. Bagavathi - Above Avg
9. Thirumalai - Blockbuster
10. Aathi - Flop
11. Pokiri - Blockbuster
12. Jilla - Above Avg

The Verdicts Of Above Mentioned Clash Releases Of Ajith:-

1. Vaanmathi -Hit
2. Kalloori Vaasal - Disaster
3. Nesam - Flop
4. Rettai Jadai Vayasu - Disaster
5. Unnai Thedi - Hit
6. Unnai Kodu Ennai Tharuven - Flop
7. Dheena - Blockbuster
8. Villain - Blockbuster
9. Anjaneya - Disaster
10. Paramasivan -Flop
11. Aalwar - Disaster
12. Veeram - Above Avg

Total Summary of the Clash; No. Of Clash Releases -12

Blockbusters - 7
Above Avg -2
Avg -1
Flop / Disaster -2


Blockbusters - 2
Hit - 2
Above Avg - 1
Flop / Disaster - 7
  • Conclusion

Considering The Total Movies and box-office We Can Say Vijay Has More Fans Than Ajith.

Highest Opening Day (First Day) GBOC in Tamilnadu

  1. Beast - 38cr
  2. Sarkar - 31.7cr
  3. Valimai - 28.3cr
  4. Master - 25.4cr
  5. Annaatthe - 24.4cr
  6. Bigil - 24.3cr
  7. Mersal - 23.7cr
  8. Vikram - 22cr
  9. Kabali - 19.1cr
  10. Darbar - 16.9cr
  11. Viswasam - 16.5cr
  12. Vivegam - 16.7cr
  13. Vedhalam - 16.6cr
  14. Nerkonda Parvai - 16.5cr
  15. Theri - 14.10cr
  16. 2.0 - 13.8cr
  17. Kaala - 13.3cr
  18. Bairava - 12.55cr
  19. Kaththi - 12.50cr
  20. BB2 - 12.4cr
  21. Petta - 11.60cr
  22. Linga - 11.55cr
  23. Enthiran - 11.10cr
  24. Kanchana 3 - 11.06cr
  25. Puli - 11.4cr
  26. Karnan - 10.4cr
  27. Seemaraja - 10.3cr
  28. NGK - 10.2cr

Mersal Movies Achievements

👉🏻 Mersal Collected 125.5cr from Tamilnadu
👉🏻 Mersal Collected 19.2cr from Kerala
👉🏻 Mersal Collected 15.75cr from Karnataka
👉🏻 Mersal Collected 10.32cr from Ap/Tg
👉🏻 Mersal Collected 75.9cr from Overseas
👉🏻 currently the actor's 2nd Highest Opening weekend Grosser In USA
👉🏻 currently the actor's 3rd Highest Grosser in UK
👉🏻 currently the actor's 2nd Highest Grosser in USA
👉🏻 Currently, the 7th Highest Grossing Tamil Film In UK & Ireland
👉🏻 Currently, the 10th Highest Grossing Tamil Film In Australia
👉🏻 currently, the actor's 4th Highest Grosser in UAE
👉🏻 currently, the actor's 2nd Highest Grosser in Malaysia
👉🏻 currently, the actor's 2nd Highest Grosser in France
👉🏻 7th Highest Non - Bollywood Grosser in India at that time behind Baahubali 2, Baahubali, jungle book, Enthiran, Kabali, I Movie.
👉🏻 6th Highest Grossing Indian Film in France at that time behind lunchbox, parched, Salaam Bombay, Enthiran, Devdas
👉🏻 3rd Highest Grossing Tamil Film In Singapore behind Enthiran & Kabali
👉🏻 Record Breaking Weekend Collection in Chennai City at that time by beating Vivegam
👉🏻 Record Breaking Opening weekend Collection in Tamilnadu by beating Vedalam
👉🏻 Currently the 5th Highest Grossing Tamil film In Kerala (Day1)
👉🏻 Currently the 8th Highest Grossing Tamil Film In UAE - GCC
👉🏻 Highest Grossing Tamil Film Of 2017 in Cochin Plexes
👉🏻 3rd Tamil Film to Cross 75 Lakhs from Cochin multiplexes after I & Kabali
👉🏻 Highest Grossing Indian Movie in Sri Lanka & Malaysia on Day 1 at that time
👉🏻 Highest Opening Weekend Grosser in Middle East at that time for a Tamil film
👉🏻 6th Non - Bollywood & Non Baahubali movie to cross 150cr at that time in India After Enthiran, I, Furious 7, Jungle Book & Kabali
👉🏻 Highest Grossing Tamil Film Of 2017 in Tamilnadu
👉🏻 Highest Grossing Tamil Film Of 2017 in Overseas
👉🏻 5th Highest Grossing South Indian Film in Overseas at that time after Baahubali 2, Enthiran, Kabaali, Baahubali 1
👉🏻 Collected 3.6cr from Canada
👉🏻 Collected 5.2cr from Sri Lanka
👉🏻 Collected 1.9cr from Switzerland
👉🏻 Collected 1.4cr from Germany
👉🏻 Collected 65L from South Africa
👉🏻 Collected 32L from Norway
👉🏻 Collected 18L from New Zealand
👉🏻 Collected 1.5cr from Chennai City (Day 1)
👉🏻 Collected 7.24M from Malaysia on its opening weekend
👉🏻 Currently the 8th Highest Grossing Tamil Film in GCC
👉🏻 Currently the 8th Highest Grosser in Tamilnadu
👉🏻 Collected 7.9cr from TK Area
👉🏻 Collected 23.7cr from Tamilnadu on Day 1
👉🏻 Collected 5.9cr from Chengalpattu on Day 1
👉🏻 Collected 78cr from Tamilnadu on its opening weekend
👉🏻 Collected 88cr from Tamilnadu on its first week
👉🏻 Collected 107.8cr from Tamilnadu on its 2nd weekend
👉🏻 Highest Kollywood Opener in Kerala at that time
👉🏻 Collected 3.25cr from Coimbatore circuit on day 1
👉🏻 Collected 2.8cr from Madurai Circuit on day 1
👉🏻 Collected 3.6cr from North/South Arcot Circuit on day 1
👉🏻 Collected 2.4cr from TT Circuit on day 1
👉🏻 Collected 3.3cr from Salem Circuit
👉🏻 Collected 9.94L from Cochin Multiplexes on day 1
👉🏻 Collected 10.2L from Tvm Ariesplex on day 1
👉🏻 The Only Film after Enthiran to gross over 10 crores in 4 different circuits in Tamilnadu

Top 10 Actors in Kollywood

  1. Rajinikanth
  2. Kamal Haasan
  3. Vijay
  4. Ajith Kumar
  5. Suriya
  6. Vikram
  7. Dhanush
  8. Silambarasan TR
  9. Sivakarthikeyan
  10. Vijay Sethupathi

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