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Which Is The Best District In Kerala
We Can Call Kerala As Tradition Of India. Kerala Have 14 Districts And Most Of The Districts Are Very Attractive And Beautiful; Biggest District Of Kerala Was Palakkad. Palakkad District Was The Most Beautiful District In Kerala Most Of Good Qualities Are In Kerala District.

      Top 3 Districts

  1. Palakkad
  2. Malappuram
  3. Trivandrum
Which Is The Best University In Kerala
Which Is The Best University In Kerala Kerala Have Many Kinds Of Universities; Mahatma Gandhi University, Calicut University, Kerala University, Kannur University, Malappuram University, Etc And The Best University In Kerala Was A Tough Question But We Can Categorize The Best University In Point Wise; So We Can See Its Calicut University. Calicut University Is The Best University In Kerala

     Top 3 Universities

  1. Calicut University
  2. Kerala University
  3. University Of Kerala
Which Is The Best Game In The World
In 2020; Our World Having Millions Of Millions Games, But Top Rated Games Very Rare And Unique. Games Ranking Will Changing Day By Day And There Is No Permanent Positions For Games If A Game Reached The Top Position The Next Day Another Game Will Beat The Old Game So There Is No Permanent Ranking But We Can Arrange The Top Games On Point wise. Pubg; The Top Ranked Game In 2020. Pubg Have Good Qualities Like Graphics, Effects Many Kinds Of Features Etc, But  Someday It Will Get Top Two Position Or Top Three Position So We Can Call Pubg Is The Best Game In The World In 2020

     Top 3 Games
  1. Pubg
  2. Free Fire
  3. Call Of Duty
Which Is The Best State In India
India The Beautiful Country And India Has 29 States. There Are Also 7 Union Territories. Lots Of Cultures Are In India Lots Of Languages Lots Of Foods Lots Of Religious, Etc. All Indian States Are Equally Best And Most Of The States Have Negative Sides And Positive Sides So We Cannot Say Which One Is The Best State, In Our Personal Opinion Kerala Has The Best Positive Vibes In India Varieties Of Foods Varieties Of Landscapes, Culture, etc