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If there’s one medium figure that relates to the planet of cycling, it’s that of the unusual person. This year, massive Red has given its 2019 Honda CB650R the modern Sports restaurant makeover, dynamical the middleweight standard-motorcycle from disagreeable woman to fox with the snap of a finger.

Of course, the CB650R’s beauty is over shallow. aboard styling cues from the CB1000R and CB300R, many mechanical changes imbue it with larger performance. we tend to hung out with the revised 2019 Honda CB650R within the Calif. resort city of Palm Desert, and to the close San Jacinto Mountains to bring you these quick Facts.

1. UJMs and inline-4 motors—is there a a lot of picture pairing? Honda has been gaga with the inline-4 configuration since the 1969 CB750K0. thereupon abundant time underneath their belts, it’s no surprise that the 2019 CB650R’s DOHC inline-4 is such a swish, easy piece of kit. It offers up a decent quantity of low-end poke within the town streets, complimented by commendable mid-range that shows itself around 6k rev, whereas peak force is reached at 8500 rev. on the far side that, you’ll be twisting the mechanical throttle and revving this engine to the moon, while not one hiccup within the supplying, it pulls to peak H.P. at a lofty twelve,000 rpm. It’s comparatively docile down low, creating it smart in traffic, and also the linear power band provides you regarding 8000 rev to figure with.

2. Honda brings any refinement to the beloved inline-4, and a touch a lot of power. Honda imbued the beautiful CB650R with many engine updates that impact the general power output. With an additional one thousand rev on faucet, the single out has inflated to twelve,500 rpm, giving the engine a claimed 5 % a lot of gumption on top of 10k. The impetus for these updates wasn’t to get dyno bragging rights, as Honda North America doesn’t cite specific H.P. or force figures. Instead, it had been to rid the engine over the complete rev-range. To do that, a brand new piston with a revised form was brought in, updated cam profiles, and a dual-duct intake airbox, as hostile the previous single duct unit. Together, these changes build associate already smooth inline-four even a lot of thus.

3. associate assist-and-slipper clutch is currently with pride featured with the six-speed case. The new clutch provides the lever a lightweight, one finger pull. Clicking through the gearbox—up or down—is finished ease. once things heat up within the canyons, you’ll have the slip feature looking at over your shove case you get a touch rabid once downshifting.

4. The 2019 Honda CB650R’s frame hit the gym—leaner, lighter, and stronger. once it comes all the way down to basic pure mathematics, the CB650R has no alterations from the F that it replaces; the distance remains fifty seven inches, with a sporting rake of twenty five.3-degrees—pars for the course during this category. Honda engineers approached this issue from a couple of directions. They use sealed pivot plates, as hostile ironed, to shave off over four pounds. a brand new engine hanger, with a central bar, is claimed to dampen engine vibration any. Lastly, the seat-rail is raised 2 inches, permitting engineers to shorten the subframe section by 2 inches, up mass centralization. whereas the swingarm remains untouched dimensionally, the mounting purpose for the Showa shock currently uses a Heim-joint like affiliation that's same to enhance feat through the stroke.

5. The CB650R incorporates a neutral riding position, good for those trying to find a daily rider. as compared to the currently departed CB650F, the updated R model options associate improved rider triangle that a touch a lot of aggressive riding position with the grips touched forward a half-inch and down zero.3 inches. to boot, the footpegs currently sit slightly higher and rearward than before. The riding position is neutral, and there’s over enough leeway within the comfortable 32-inch saddle to own some fun within the canyons. In short, it’s simply the kind of riding position I explore for in a very customary machine —comfortable, a decent reach to the tarmac, and nil weight on the wrists. Of course, like all naked bikes, the rider is subject to a lot of wind-blast once at higher speeds, although riding on the throughway isn’t unfortunate.
2019 Honda CBR650R Specs

Type: Inline-4
Displacement: 649cc
Bore x stroke: 67mm x 46mm
Compression ratio: eleven.6:1
Valvetrain: DOHC, 16 valves
Fueling: EFI w/ 32mm throttle bodies
Transmission: 6-speed
Final drive: 525 chain

Frame: Twin-spar steel
Front suspension; travel: Non-adjustable Show  SFF four 1mm inverted fork; 4.3 inches
Rear suspension; travel: Linkage-assisted, spring-preload adjustable Show a shock; five.0 inches
Wheels: solid metal
Tires: Metzeler Roadtec 01
Front tire: 120/70 x seventeen F
Rear tire: 180/55 x seventeen
Front brakes: 310mm floating discs w/ radially mounted 4-piston Nissin calipers
Rear brake: 240mm disc w/ single-piston Nissin caliper
ABS: nonobligatory ($300)

Wheelbase: fifty seven.0 inches
Rake: 25.3 degrees
Trail: 4.0 inches
Seat height: thirty one.9 inches
Fuel capacity: four.1 gallons
Curb weight: 445 pounds (ABS: 447 pounds)
Color: layer Red
2019 Honda CB650R Price:
$8899 MSRP
2019 Honda CB650R ABS Price:
$9199 MSRP

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