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BIKE OR CAR IN INDIA, bike or car in india, BIKE VS CAR,

In Today's Busy Life Most Valuable Thing Is "Time " . We Know That Today All Of Us Depends Motor Vehicle For Travelling To Reduce Using More Time For Travelling.  Motor Vehicle Are Part Of Our Day To Day Life.  We Cannot Imagine A Day With Out These Technology.  Bikes Or Cars Are More Comfortable For Travelling. One Of The Fact Is That We Depends Vehicle To Travel One Place To Another Quickly As Possible, And It Is Not Time Consuming.  In Our Busy Life It Help To Avoid Time Consuming.  Two Wheeler Bikes Are Mostly Used By Middle  Class People.  Affordable Price Of Bikes Is The Reason Behind It's Popularity Among Middle Class People. At The Same Time The Users Or Owners Of Car Is Increasing Day By Day.  Because It's Comfortable Travelling.  But Both Of These Have Advantages And Disadvantages. 

      Firstly,  One Of The Most Important Advantage Of Car Is That  Four Or Five Members Can Travel At A Time In One Car. It Is Not Possible In The Case Of Bikes,It Has Limits Based On Seats. Only Two Person Can Travel In A Bike At A Time. Driving A Car Is More Secure And Efficient Than Bikes. It Provides Comfortable Travelling With Comfortable Seats. And Now A Days With Developing Technology Many Innovation Are Provided By Cars For Making The Users More Safe And Secure Driving  Than Other Vehicles.  While Traveling In A Car We Cannot Even Bothered About Any Dust, Heavy  Sunlight ,Rain Noise Etc.. It Is Not Possible To Avoid These Things When We Travel In Bikes Or Bus. 
       At The Same Time Cars Have Many Disadvantages. Cost Of Car Is Not Affordable For Middle Class People. It Is Very Expensive. It Produce Some Pollution Towards Society And Environment Than Bikes.  When We Comparing Cars With Bike It Need More Fuel , Because It's Engine Is Bigger Than The Bikes.

        Bikes Is Considered As More Suitable For Middle Class. Bikes Are Very Much Attached To Their Daily Lives. Comparing With Cars It Is Small In Size And Limited Person Can Travel In Bikes.  But Even Though It's Size Is Smaller Than Cars, Bikes Have Many Advantages, Especially In Parking. Bikes Can Easily Find A Parking Place In Every Place.  And This Advantage Is Also Helpful At The Traffic Block.  When We Are Using A Car We Have To Wait For A Long Time For Clear The Traffic Jam To Move Forward. But When Using A Bike We Can Travel In The Narrow Path Between Cars. 
       Most Important Advantage Of Bikes, That Make More Affection And Popular Among To The Middle Class Is That It's Low Cost Comparing To Others. But Riding A Motor Bike Is Too Risky Than Cars . Compared With Cars Bikes Only Use Less Fuel Because It Has Small Engines.  And Maintaining Cost Is Very Less. But Rain, Dust, Heavy Sun Light All These Things Are Directly Affect The Users Of Bikes.  Because Bikes Have No Roof.  And Now A Days Motor Bikes Accident Is Increasing Day By Day Than Car Accidents.  It Shows How Much Risk Is Driving A Motor Cycle. 

        Both Cars And Bikes Have Many Advantages And Disadvantages. But Everyone Should Remember That Obeying Traffic Rules And Safe Driving Always Make Every Journey Become A Better Experience. 


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