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Now unemployment is one of the serious problems in our world due to covid 19. If you are interested to become a self employed person and earn money by


Now unemployment is one of the serious problems in our world due to covid 19. If you are interested to become a self employed person and earn money by working at home, freelance is the best way for you. All of us know that the demand for freelance is increasing day by day. Freelancer is a common term used to refer a person who is self employed and offer various services. Freelance website is a digital platform for those who are interested. Based on your talents you can do many jobs like content writing and marketing, programming and software development, video editing, web design and development, graphics design and copy writing. One of the specialties of these types of workers is that they can work independently. 
A freelancer can also represent a company or a temporary agency. Some of the freelance websites help person to get works. These websites are very useful for beginners. Here is some of the best suitable freelance websites for you;
  • 1. Fiverr
  • Fiverr is a digital platform or an online market place where we can buy and sell digital services. We can earn money through it. Services offered on Fiverr are known as gig. Who offers gigs on Fiverr is called seller and the buyer is the person who buys gigs on Fiverr. This market place is a two way communication platform which is helpful for both buyer and seller.  Services on Fiverr include graphics design, copy writing, film editing, web programming, and translation and more. One of the specialty of this freelance company is every job starts at $5 which is the name itself suggests. This is a great way for beginners. They also offer freelancing courses for developing your talent. More over Fiverr is a secure private communication channel. 
  • 2. Upwork 
  • This online market place is huge. The specialties of Upwork are easy billing, In-App Communication channels and also easy and secure payments. Upwork is all about showing your resourcefulness or creativity and boost skills.  This freelance website is a perfect platform for a freelancer to sell their services. 
  • 3. Freelancer
  • This is also a good freelance website which has huge variety of projects. They have a largest marketplace with over 32 million registered users. This is also very comfortable platform to show your talents and creativity. Some specialty of this website is; a safe and secure payment which offers protections to their buyers and sellers, fuss free job hunting solutions and many more. This is also a good market place to sell your services. In this site both buyer and sellers are effectively connected. 
  • 4. PeoplePerHour
  • This online marketing place is also very popular. They allow freelancers all around the worlds based on their qualifications. Financial protection is one of the best things about this digital platform. Regional recruitment is also provided by them. This is comfortable for every beginner. About 1.5 million freelancers used this website in the world.  
  • 5. Toptal 
  • Toptal is a big and quickly rising freelance network in the world. One of the special thing about Toptal is we can easily incorporate with the work environment. They also provide a trial period; this period is about two weeks. Quick recruitment is also special about Toptal. Like other freelance websites they also looking for your talents and you can boost up your creativity. 

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