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How To Boost Immune System (Immunity), Minerals And Vitamin'S To Boost Your Immunity

Now we are all living in an epidemic situation, so it is importance to be strong physically and mentally to protect our self from this disease. Your strong immunity will help you to prevent your body from the virus attack, and we also know that “prevention is better than cure”. Due to this boost your immunity is one of the best ways to stay safe and strong from any epidemic.
We know that there are numerous methods to boost your immune system. All these methods help you to reduce your vulnerability to different types of disease. Everyone’s immune system is not same. It is different. For those who are struggling because of low immune system there are many simple ways available to boost it. So today we mainly focus on immunity. Here in this new page of TROOTOP we give everything about your immunity and you get an clear idea about how to improve your immunity power naturally.
This page is divided into 4 sections; each section you can get new use full knowledge.


Vitamin a helps our immune system to function normally. Vitamin a helps to develop white blood cells which produce antibodies in our body. Vitamin a rich foods include eggs, green leafy veggies and some oils.


This vitamin is also support the cellular functions needed for immune system. Tomatoes strawberries etc are rich with vitamin C. Try to remember that eat vitamin C rich food daily because our body doesn’t store it.


Vitamin D is good for immune system it helps to maintain our immune system strong.  We can get vitamin D from sunlight.

  • ZINC

Daily recommended 25 mg zinc rich foods, from red meat, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, eggs, chickpeas, and fish, are helps to the normal functioning of our immunity.

Fist way is PROTEIN; protein is the key to all cells in our body it is also helps to increase our immunity. Amino acid in protein known as L-arginine, which help to generate helper T cells and this T cells help to specific cells to fight the virus. And the herbs also help our body to boost immunity. HERBS include turmeric, oregano; cayenne and pepper etc are good for our body. The mushrooms and garlic are also immunity booster food because mushrooms are rich with anti-inflammatory properties. These two foods are best food to boost our immunity level.  The next easy step to boost your immunity is very simple. It is MOVING or EXERCISE this is one of the great way to boost our immunity. Because movement of our body, like exercise and walking, immune system will responds to it and producing extra blood cells which attack bacterial invaders. Who does exercise regularly, they have more immunity power.
One of the important things is that when we REDUCE STRESS it will help our immune system being normal. So you can reduce your stress by doing yoga and other meditations. Another thing is SLEEP when we get good, night sleep and your body will get enough rest and this way it also help to maintain immune system normally. And also sleep has an important role in creating the right immune cells to fight off diseases. SUNLIGHT also energizes infection fighting T cells in our body.
If you eat certain types of foods that will helps your immune power. 


Vitamin C is good for immunity and in some citrus fruits like grape oranges, lemon, limes and Clementine fruits are good source of vitamin C which can stop you from getting sick.


Red bell peppers are rich with vitamin C and also have lot of beta carotene. This helps your eyes and skin being healthy.


Broccoli is one of the best veggie which contains lot of vitamins and minerals. This contains vitamin A, C and E and anti oxidants.


  Spinach is one of the another veggie that have full of vitamin C and it help our body to fight infection.
Yogurt, spices, drinking tea including ginger tea, fennel and chamomile, golden honey are also very healthy foods to improve your immunity system.
Here we give a natural drink that helps to strengthening your immunity.  This easy immunity shot help you to improve your immunity. First we talks what is ‘shot’ shots are nutritious and concentrated small doses made with some super foods. It can consume the whole day.
We give you the simple immunity shot with a small description about its benefits which you can prepare yourself from your home.  The ingredients are lemon, turmeric and bee glue or propolis. Note that we only use three ingredients. We know that lemon have the power to improve digestion and also help to boost immunity. In turmeric have lot of anti oxidants and this is anti inflammatory. Bee glue is antiseptic also have protective effects.
We need one lemon and one teaspoon turmeric and 20 drops of bee glue; then take a small glass and squeeze the lemon and add both propolis and turmeric and mix this and drink in the morning. Try this in your home.
Thank you guys for you supports. Stay safe and stay healthy.

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  1. This is very good recipe, Leafy veggies are important for health and it helps to boost immunity. Another easy way is Cureveda chyawanprash
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