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Prasanth Sankar; kerala digital marketing experts I Digital marketing Kerala

Prasanth Sankar is one of the professional blogger from Kerala, India and created his own blogs named and Troosta. He created his own brands named Ven

Mr. Prasanth Sankar is a 24 year old young entrepreneur and a successful freelancer. He created Venom Creations Company which is one of the best performing Startup Company in Kerala, India. Today numerous employees are working under his company as freelancers and many more. He is an innovative digital marketer and graphic designer with 8 years of experience. He is able to manage all aspects of social media marketing and adsense functions. He is mainly focused in social media marketing and adsense platform.

Who is Prasanth Sankar?

Prasanth Sankar is one of the professional blogger from Kerala, India and created his own blogs named and Troosta. He created his own brands named Venom Creations, Troosta,  Muqe and Media Mania. He is currently working as a social media assistant at Dr. P. Alikutty’s Kottakkal Ayurveda and modern hospital, Kottakkal. He has worked for many reputed companies from 2012 to promote their online business. Now he is a professional expert in Google business, social media marketing, admob, adsense, adwords, blogging etc.

Prasanth Sankar’s working experience?

Prasanth Sankar started his career as a digital marketer and graphic designer since 2012. From 2016, he worked as a trainee in social media assistant, front office and digital marketer in many companies. And he has four years of experience in these posts. From 2018 he worked as a digital marketer and front office assistant in many reputed companies in 3 districts; Palakkad, Thrissur and Malappuram. Within these 8 years of experience now he is brilliant in digital marketing and graphic designing.

What is Prasanth Sankar’s educational qualifications?

Prasanth Sankar (29-Jan-1996) was born in Kunnamkulam and settled in Mezhathur, a small village in Palakkad district, Kerala. He studied Karnatic music at Kerala Kalamandalam (AHSLC), he completed plus two (Science) from Govt. higher secondary school Kadavallur, Thrissur and graduated from the University of Calicut with a Bachelor degree in English and History [double main].

Which are the best performing and successful works of Prasanth Sankar?

Venom creations, Troosta  and Muqe


We know that all bloggers are blogging because of passion towards their works. Prasanth Sankar is a blogger who approach or doing his blogging both professionally and passionately. He has more than 5 years of experience as a blogger.

Top leading digital marketing companies in Kerala

Venom creations; Venom creation is one of the best performing digital marketing company in Kerala. It was established by Prasanth Sankar in 2012. Now this company created its various branches named Troosta and Muqe. Meanwhile Venom creations started hiring freelancers for; content writing, social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), analyst and now many freelancers are working under this company. Without any further doubts we can say that venom creation is the top leading digital marketing company in Kerala.

Digital marketing Kerala

Lots of digital marketing agencies and digital marketers are increasing day by day in Kerala, but they don’t know what they are doing or they have no clear idea about the best digital marketing methods. Some digital marketing agencies use SEO tools for ranking their companies but it will effect negatively. Means after one year they get negative ranking from Google and their Google business and website will be blacklisted from Google. Therefore normal SEO is good for companies. In 2020 most of the companies are hiring digital marketers because they (digital marketers) know how to level up the company business. Venom creations digital marketing company upgraded lots of companies in Kerala, Tamilnadu and many more. They know how to rank a company.

Digital marketing courses in Kerala

Kerala have many digital marketing courses like Social media marketing, SEO diploma, Content writing diploma, etc; but note that you need to study all kind of digital marketing branches for get a job.


1) SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google platforms

2) Content writing and keyword research

3) Email scraping from social media and search engines

4) Social media marketing

5) Graphic designing

6) Video editing

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