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How To Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags

Do not use under eye bag creams and we don't recommend them. Today there are many treatment options available

How to get remove eye bags naturally

Do not use under eye bag creams and  we don't recommend them. Today there are many treatment options available, even surgical options are used to get rid of under eye bags but before getting these types of treatment here are some natural remedies that you can do at home.
how to remove eye bags

Avoid high salt contain foods 

When you eat a lot of salty food that's going to cause water to accumulate in your tissues which leads to swollen puffy eyes with that under eye bag appearance. It is not the first major cause for having under eye bags but consuming too much salt certainly causes this issue in many people. And it will exacerbate your symptoms and also this is the reason why people get puffy eyelids after crying. Because the salt content of the tears ends up drawing water into the tissue causing swollen puffy eyelids which leads to under eye bags.
Another big reason for under eye bags is eye allergies, allergies are going to cause histamine to be released from your tissue that's going to cause your blood vessels and your tissues to swell up and become red and you'll have that itchy sensation.
Avoid high salt contain foods
1) Do not rub your eyes, when you have eye allergies. It will feel good at first but gradually makes things worse.
2) Using a cold compress like we just discussed should help with a lot of the symptoms and bring down some of that swelling.
3) There are great antihistamine eye allergy drops and oral antihistamines that can help with this, thankfully we have great eye allergy drops that cure this problem. 

Is that safe to use under eye bag creams

There are about a million different brands out there on the market and we honestly are not a fan of them. And we never recommend it. We will tell you why, Most of the under eye bag creams such as serum albumin is a lid or skin tightening cream. Some of them do work, but most of them give temporary relief, not permanently cure the under eye bag. They ultimately don't solve the issues and most of these different cosmetic creams are not regulated. So they use it as preservatives, many of these preservatives have been found to cause permanent damage to the oil gland in the eyelids and that can lead to not only dry skin on the eyelids, but also the skin is very thin and delicate. Also this will lead to really severe dry eye disease. That's why eye doctors never recommend cosmetic creams and products because they will damage your skin.

What is the reason to getting eye bags

Largely has to do with changes of your eyelids skin and the fat around your eyes. The skin of your eyelids is the thinnest skin on your body and underneath the skin is a piece of tissue. When you are young this is fairly rigid and holds the fat behind it in place but when you are getting old, due to damage of the skin and this tissue whether it be from sunlight or UV light exposure, due to age and genetics. The tissue becomes very elastic, which means the fat behind it starts to push and it protrudes out, leading to under eye bags.

That is why surgical corrections are kind of the end-all be called treatment for under eye bags. We call this surgery for cure under eye bags called lower eyelids “BLEPHAROPLASTY” something referred to as a lower eyelid lift. This is where your surgeon will go in underneath your eyelids and make an inclusion and they will remove this orbital puffy orbital fat from underneath that lower puffy eyelid.

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