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Sanjeevanam Ayurveda Hospital Review

Why Sanjeevanam Hospital So Popular In Kerala
Sanjeevanam Ayurveda Hospital Was The Premium Holistic Hospital And They Are Effectively Incorporated Current Diagnostics, Yoga, Useful Wellness And Physiotherapy Into Our Center Act Of Ayurveda To Make A Really Extraordinary Mending Experience And They Are The Best Ayurvedic Hospital In Kerala. Ayurveda Is One Of The Oldest Studies Of Recuperating That Has Been Drilled In The Course Of The Last 8,000 Years. Ayurveda, As Opposed To Western Medicine, Takes A Non-Reductionist Approach By Healing The Body As A Whole. Dr. A V Anoop Was The Managing Director Of Ava Group, The Name Sanjeevanam Is Gotten From The Mythological Plant "Sanjeevani" Which Is Viewed As The "Elixir Of Life". With A Dream Of Propelling The Tenets Of Ayurveda, And Sanjeevanam Give Care And Restoration Treatments To Empower Patients To Carry On With A Solid And Better Life. Their Healing Process  Is Carefully Designed To Cater To Individual Needs Of Patients.
India has lots of ayurvedic hospitals but ayurvedic treatment is very important. Experienced doctors are the root of ayurveda and sanjeevanam hospital has the best ayurvedic doctors. Very neat and clean hospital with no negative reviews and very peaceful atmosphere. A patient need yoga treatment in hospitals and sanjeevanam ayurvedic have yoga treatment center for patients that's very useful to patients because they get a good relaxing mind.
Industries:-                                                        Health, Wellness and Fitness
Company size:-                                                 51-200 employees
Headquarters:-                                                  Kochi, Kerala
Type:-                                                                Privately Held
Founded:-                                                          2018
Specialties:-                                                       Ayurveda, yoga, best ayurveda hospital in Kochi, immunity boosting, rejuvenation, detoxification, post covid care, online consultation, wellness, skin treatment, and parkinson's treatment

Why Sanjeevanam Hospital So Popular In Kerala

Sanjeevanam hospital was the best ayurvedic hospital in kerala and ernakulam, lots of people visiting sanjeevanam because they have the best treatment facilities and they have lots of outside connections that's why sanjeevanam is famous in india. Ayurveda hospitals have ancient treatment culture and this hospital has ancient and modern culture mixing both cultures for researching. Social media was the main reason because patients are sharing their experience in social media. 

location of Sanjeevanam hospital

Kakkanad Pallikara Road, near Wonderla, Pallikkara, Kochi, Kerala 683565
Phone number :-

What makes Sanjeevanam one among the most effective ayurvedic hospitals in Kerala ?

As a whole Sanjeevanam ayurvedic hospital in Kerala has been at the forefront of holistic welfare through its centres across India. Having become the primary written material hospital to receive the celebrated Diamond category certification from the Ministry of touristry, the NABH commissioned ayurvedic hospital in Kerala leverages this huge expertise and information to make a healing expertise like no different. With a very tailored approach, upon arrival each guest can experience a consultation with Sanjeevanam spectacular and practised school of senior doctors. sanjeevanam have wellness programmes, care programmes, cure programmes

wellness programmes
Revitalising Eugenics(Pre – conception management)
Stress/ Sleep problems
Detoxification / Immunity boosting
Rejuvenation / Anti-ageing

care programmes
Geriatric/ Elderly care
Post abortion / Miscarriage care
Preventive Eugenics
Cancer Care
Ante natal & Post pregnancy care
Post De-Addiction Rehabilitation
Diabetes (Type 2 DM)
Delaying De-generation
Eye Diseases
Cerebral Palsy
Stroke Rehabilitation
Muscular Dystrophy
Gallbladder Stone
Organ Care (Liver, Lung, Kidney and Gastrointestinal Related Disorders)
Lifestyle Disorders (Hypercholesterolemia, Hormonal Disorders etc)

cure programmes
Skin Diseases
Pain Management
Hepatic Disorders
Postpartum Depression
Digestive Disorders
Digestive Disorders
Sciatica / Lower back pain
Sanjeevanam Hospitals youtube channel 

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