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How To Write An Article For Getting Adsense On Your Website

Article writings are very important to get huge traffic on your website; if you are using adsense you will definitely need to know about article writi

Article writings are very important to get huge traffic on your website; if you are using adsense you will definitely need to know about article writing and keyword research.Most of the article writers are using their paid softwares and paid websites like semrush, ahrefs, etc for keyword research, actually keyword research is very easy; then why they are choosing paid website; because paid websites have more options or they suggest us our negatives in our article and we can easily understand what is wrong and what is right but that websites are very expensive. Then how to find keywords for keyword research. Follow the instructions to achieve your goal.

Article keyword Research Topic; Select your topic or choose my suggestions

1) Bike

2) Car

3) Phone

4) Laptop

How to select heading (suggestions)

If you're targeting the audience who wants to know about Car parts in India or America, then your main keyword is “Car Parts” and in order to create long-tail keywords.

(Note: Following long-tail-keywords aren't generated from any software, neither do they exist)

  • Buy Car Parts in Los Angeles
  • Best Car Parts in United States
  • Buy Cheap Car Parts in India
  • American Car Parts Best Prices
  • Best Prices Car Parts Los Angeles

Did you see that? I've changed a two-word keyword “Car Parts” into a five-word keyword. The idea behind a long tail keyword is that it is way easier to target a long-tail keyword, Buy Car Parts in Los Angeles”, is easier to target when compared to “Car Parts.”

How to find more keywords and keyword research

  • Start finding the keywords

Some free tools and services where we can get the ideas to find the keywords which you can rank easily in search engines.

1) Define your keywords

The very first step before doing keyword research is defining your main keywords. Create a list of 5-10 generic keywords around your niche and save them in your notepad. You should be completely aware about your niche (content)

2) Use google auto suggest

How to find more keywords and keyword research

whenever you try to search on google, you might have seen suggestions like this

3) Use google search related to

Use google search related to

if i search cars parts in google and it will showing these search queries at the bottom of the search result

4) Use keyword research tools

Use keyword research tools

I searched the keyword “Car Parts” in this tool and it gave me a lot of ideas to write my next blog post.


LSIGraph is a FREE tool to generate Latest Semantic Indexing keywords to write an awesome blog post.


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