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Top 10 Criminals In The World

These are the most daring Criminals In The World

These are the top 10 Criminals In The World

Top 10 Criminals In The World
Most Criminal Persons In The World

1) Leonoid Minin

Top 10 Criminals In The World
Leonid Born In Ukraine. He Is An Underworld Criminal And He Made A Name For Himself In The Underworld As An International Arms Dealer, Selling Dangerous Weapons To Dangerous People That'S The Main Entertainment And Business Of Leonid Minin. His Clients Are Notorious Criminals Including Charles Taylor The Controversial Ex- President Of Liberia And Several  Revolutionary Groups Across West Africa. His Main Addiction In Drugs, Alcohol, And Ladies Of The Night. He Was Discovered Among The Company Of All Three Of These Things As Well As Around Half Million Dollars Worth Of Blood Diamonds. he killed 200 peoples for making money and Finally Arrested In 2000

2) Charles Ponzi

Top 10 Criminals In The World
Ponzi Is A Stylish Business Man Or He Is Styling Himself As A Businessman. Ponzi Swindled Millions Of Dollars From His Investors With A Plan That Involved Redeeming Postal Reply Coupons From Other Countries For Postal Stamps In The United States. Which Could Then Be Sold To Make A Profit. If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, That'S Because It Was And The Only Person Who Profited From This So -Called Business Plan Was Ponzi Himself; Who Ended Up Pocketing Most Of The Money. Ponzi Likes To Gamble And Bettings. That'S Why He Grows His Own Kingdom And He Has No Fear. Killing And Kidnapping Is A Passion For Ponzi.

3) Jesse James

Top 10 Criminals In The World
One Of The Most Legendary Figures In The American Old West. Jesse James Was Also A Notorious Train Robber And He Have A Team Named Jumba The Most Wanted Criminals Are Included In His Team And They Robbed 56+ Trains And Never Caught, Approximately $200,000 Was The Total Worth Of Jesse James He Have Good Support From Their Own Government Because Everyone Afraid Of Him. Killing Is A Hobby And He Enjoys These Kinds Of Illegal Activities.

4) Amando Carrillo Fuentes

Top 10 Criminals In The World
He Was The Leader Of Mexico'S Juarez Cartel. The Top Smuglours Of Mexico And Robbing Many Baks For Making Money And Raping Wommens For Their Own Entertainment, The Most Dangourous Man Of Mexico Named By William Northing (Novalist). One Of The Wealthiest Man In The World Because In History With Net Worth Estimated At Over 25 Billion U.S Dollars. He Died In 1997, During Plastic Surgery.

5) Jean- Bernard Lasnaud

Top 10 Criminals In The World
Jean Born In France, He Was The Most Wanted Criminal In European Countries During 1980'S And 90'S Due To His Arms Trafficking. He Built A Public Website For Selling Illegal Products Like Machine Guns, Fighter Jet, Explosives And So Many People Use That Website To Buy Illegal Products And That Gets Him A Million Worth. After 2002 He Disappeared But He Continued His Illegal Activities In Undergrounds And Finally He Was Arrested  From Switzerland That Same Year.

6) Mayer Harris Mikey Cohen

Top 10 Criminals In The World
One Of The Most Infamous Mob Bosses Los Angeles Has Ever Seer. He Is A Daring Criminal Of Los Angeles And He Know How To Play With Media That'S Why His Illegal Activities And Not Get Publicity And He Lived With A Normal Face Without Showing His Criminal Background, But Finally His Illegal Activities Are Caught In 1958 And He Arrested In 1959 But He Is Still Missing From That Year And Nobody Can Know Where Is He. He Has A Huge Gang For Cocaine Dealings And Smuggling Was His Hobby And His Death Is Not Conformed By Los Angeles.

7) John Dillinger

Top 10 Criminals In The World
He Has The Political Powers From His Own Government, Smuggling And Robbing Is Not A Crime For Him Because He And His Team Have The Rights To Rob In His Country. No One Will Ask Them To Stop Robbing Because Everyone Is Afraid Of John. His Main Dealing Is Liquor Business. He Got Billions Of Dollars From The Liquor Business And Killed 25 People With No Reason And Raped 5 Womens.

8) Pablo Escobar

Top 10 Criminals In The World
He Have High Connections Between Terrorism And Drug Deals. He Has A Huge Drug Empire And One Of The Wealthiest Man In The World. According To Forbes Magazine Escobar Was Able To Keep His Wealth. His Main Entertainment Was Gambling And Shooting With Guns For No Reason, Killing The Womens After Use. That'S The Entertainment Of Pablo Escobar.

9) James Whitey Bulger

Top 10 Criminals In The World
James Bulger Quickly Made A Name For Himself As A Young And Nick Named Whitey By The Local Constabulary, Because Of His Light Blond Hair. Killing People With A Chain Saw That Is The Entertainment Of James Whitey But Never Got Arrested. His Wife Was Murdered By A Cousin Thats Why He Killing People Like A Psycho And He Is Also Have Good Connections With Drug Dealings And Explosive Transporting Was His Main Earning Method And He Got Banished From Age 48 And Got Found In Old Age 81

10) Al Capone

Top 10 Criminals In The World
The Most Wanted Underworld Crime Organiser, He Killed 98 People Questioning For His Illegal Activities And That 98 People Include A Police Man And A Doctor. In His Life Have His Own Dream To Make His Own Kingdom And Make His Drug Deal To World Wide That Is The Aim Of Al Capone. He Never Arrested For Killing People But He Got Arrested For Transporting Explosives

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