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Latest Ott Releases

Here are the latest OTT releases for this week, starting from September 29th 2023

Here are the latest OTT releases for this Month, starting from September & October 2023

latest ott releases this week

New OTT Releases - Week of September 29th, 2023

The world of streaming is buzzing with excitement as we delve into the latest offerings on various OTT platforms this week. From compelling dramas to heart-pounding thrillers, there's something for everyone. Here's a quick rundown of the films you can enjoy, along with their respective languages and streaming platforms:

Movies and Series (September 29th)

Roll Number Movie/Series Name Date Language Platform
1 Kushi September 29th Telugu Available on Netflix
2 Adiyae September 29th Tamil Streaming on Sony Liv
3 Agent September 29th Telugu Streaming on Sony Liv
4 Harkara September 29th Tamil Exclusively on Aha
5 Dirty Hari September 29th Telugu Exclusively on Aha
6 Reptile September 29th English Available on Netflix
7 Kick September 29th Tamil Streaming on Simply South
8 King Of Kotha September 29th Malayalam Available on Hotstar
9 Choona September 29th Hindi Netflix Series
10 Nowhere September 29th Spanish Available on Netflix
11 I Killed Bapu September 29th Hindi Streaming on Zee5
12 Ennivar September 29th Malayalam Saina Play
13 Janvi September 29th Malayalam HR Ott
14 Papam Pasivadu September 29th Telugu Aha Series
15 Kumari Srimathi September 29th Telugu Prime Series
16 Love Is In The Air September 29th English Available on Netflix
17 Encounters September 29th English Netflix Series
18 Forgotten Love September 29th Polish Netflix
19 Tumse Na Ho Payega September 29th Hindi Available on Hotstar
20 Charlie Chopra September 29th Hindi Sony Liv Series
21 Angshuman MBA September 29th Bengali Streaming on Zee5
22 The Devils Plan September 29th Korean Netflix Series
23 AvalakkiPavalakki September 29th Kannada CineBazzar
24 Krranthi veera September 29th Kannada CineBazaar
25 Corona Dhawan September 29th Malayalam Saina Play
26 HostelDaze S4 September 29th Hindi Prime Series
27 Sashiyum Sakunthalayum September 29th Malayalam Streaming on Simply South

1. Kushi(Telugu) - Available on Netflix

Released on October 1st, this heartwarming Telugu film, "Kushi," is now streaming on Netflix for viewers to enjoy its delightful story and engaging performances.

2. Adiyae(Tamil) - Streaming on Sony Liv

Tamil-speaking audiences can immerse themselves in the emotional drama of "Adiyae" as it streams on Sony Liv, starting September 29th.

3. Agent(Telugu) - Streaming on Sony Liv

Action fans can catch "Agent," a Telugu thriller, exclusively on Sony Liv, available from September 29th.

4. Harkara (Tamil) - Exclusively on Aha

Aha brings the exclusive Tamil release "Harkara" to its platform on September 29th, offering an exciting cinematic experience.

5. Dirty Hari (Telugu) - Exclusively on Aha

Exclusively on Aha, "Dirty Hari" in Telugu has now been available for viewers since September 29th, promising a riveting tale.

6. Reptile (English) - Available on Netflix

For English-speaking viewers, "Reptile" is available on Netflix from September 29th, offering a thrilling cinematic journey.

7. Kick(Tamil) - Streaming on Simply South

Simply South brings you the action-packed Telugu film "Kick," now available for streaming, providing adrenaline-pumping entertainment.

8. King Of Kotha(Malayalam) - Available on Hotstar

Malayalam-speaking viewers can dive into "King Of Kotha" on Hotstar, starting September 28th, and experience its rich storytelling.

9. Choona(Hindi) - Netflix Series

A gripping Hindi series, "Choona," awaits on Netflix, offering a suspenseful narrative that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

10. Nowhere (Spanish) - Available on Netflix

Spanish-speaking audiences can embark on a journey to "Nowhere" with this captivating offering on Netflix, available from September 29th.

11. I Killed Bapu(Hindi) - Streaming on Zee5

The Hindi drama "I Killed Bapu" is now streaming on Zee5, presenting a thought-provoking storyline that resonates with viewers.

12. Ennivar (Malayalam) - Saina Play

Exclusively on Saina Play, "Ennivar" in Malayalam offers a unique cinematic experience that explores the human condition.

13. Janvi (Malayalam) - HR Ott

HR Ott presents "Janvi," a Malayalam film that delves into intricate relationships and is a must-watch for those seeking compelling storytelling.

14. Papam Pasivadu(Telugu) - Aha Series

Aha Series introduces "Papam Pasivadu" in Telugu, providing viewers with an immersive series that promises suspense and drama.

15. Kumari Srimathi (Telugu) - Prime Series

Prime Series brings "Kumari Srimathi," a Telugu show that combines humor and drama in a delightful package.

16. Love Is In The Air (English) - Available on Netflix

English-speaking viewers can soar into the world of romance with "Love Is In The Air," now available on Netflix, offering a heartwarming love story.

17. Encounters (English) - Netflix Series

Netflix presents "Encounters," an English series that delves into intriguing scenarios, perfect for those who enjoy thrilling narratives.

18. Forgotten Love - Netflix

Polish viewers can rediscover the complexities of love with "Forgotten Love" on Netflix, a story that transcends language boundaries.

19. Tumse Na Ho Payega (Hindi) - Available on Hotstar

Hotstar Presents "TumseNaHoPayega" in Hindi, a compelling story that explores the trials and tribulations of life.

20. CharlieChopra (Hindi) - Sony Liv Series

Sony Liv introduces "CharlieChopra," a Hindi series that combines mystery and drama, perfect for those who enjoy intriguing narratives.

21. AngshumanMBA - Streaming on Zee5

Bengali-speaking viewers can embark on a journey of ambition and determination with "AngshumanMBA," now streaming on Zee5.

22. The Devils Plan (Korean) - Netflix Series

Korean-speaking audiences can unravel the mysteries of "TheDevilsPlan" on Netflix, a series that keeps you guessing.

23. Avalakki Pavalakki (Kannada) - CineBazzar

CineBazzar presents "AvalakkiPavalakki," a Kannada movie that promises a blend of entertainment and cultural richness.

24. Krranthi veera (Kannada) - CineBazaar

CineBazaar presents "Krranthiveera," a Kannada movie with captivating storytelling.

25. Corona Dhawan, Malayalam  - Saina Play.

Saina Play brings "Corona Dhawan" in Malayalam for viewers to explore.

26. HostelDaze S4 (Hindi) - Prime Series

Prime Series offers "HostelDaze S4," a Hindi series with intriguing episodes.

27. Sashiyum Sakunthalayum (Malayalam) - Streaming on Simply South

Simply South offers "SashiyumSakunthalayum," a Malayalam release with captivating content.

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