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Most Viewed Glimpse In India In 24 Hours

Discover Allu Arjun's Pushpa is the Most Viewed Glimpse in India in 24 Hours.

India's Most Viewed Glimpse in 24 Hours (1 channel) of 2024 

Most Viewed Glimpse In 2024
YouTube records have a significant fan following in India, and most of the YouTube records belong to the South Indian actor Allu Arjun. In 2024, many South Indian and North Indian film industries have set significant YouTube records, and we are currently examining the top Movie achievements on YouTube.

1) Where is Pushpa (Hindi) - 27.67 Million

Pushpa 2," An Allu Arjun Movie, Holds The No.1 Position Because Allu Arjun Is A Genuinely Pan Indian Star. He Has Gained Popularity Not Just In The South But Also In The North Indian Film Industry, Getting A Lot Of Music Rights From T-Series. This Phenomenon Is A Proof To His Pure Stardom. Achieving A Remarkable 27.67 Million Viewers Within Its First 24 Hours, "Pushpa 2" Marks A Significant Accomplishment. The Creators Skillfully Crafted A Narrative That Resonated With The Masses, Making "Where Is Pushpa" A Must-Watch For Hindi-speaking audiences.

2) Devara - 26.17 Million

Devara, An Enigmatic Creation Featuring Ntr, Has Garnered 26.17 Million Views and left An Indelible Mark On The Entertainment Landscape. Its Unique Color Grading And Exceptional Performances Garnered Widespread Acclaim. Its Music Was Directed By Anirudh, And It Features Highly Energetic Music. Ntr Is One Of The Top Actors In Tollywood (Telugu Film Industry), And He Has A Massive Fan Base In South India.

3) Guntur Kaaram - 20.98 Million

Gunturkaaram Made A Splash With A Hot 20.98 Million Views, Featuring Mahesh Babu. The Movie May Not Be Great, But It Still Managed To Collect Over 150+ Crores Worldwide. Sreeleela Is The Actress In This Movie, And Her Dance Moves Are Awesome. Many People Are Eagerly Awaiting Her New Movie And Dance Performances.

4) Kanguva - 20.77 Million

Kanguva, With Its Touching Colour Grade, Resonated With The Hearts Of 22.06 Million Viewers, Featuring Suriya Sivakumar. The Emotional Depth And Relatability Of The Characters Contributed To Its Widespread Popularity. Suriya Is Considered The Best Actor In Kollywood, And This Movie, Being A Pan-Indian Film, Has Garnered Much Anticipation For His Comeback From A Lot Of People.

5) Where is Pushpa-(Telugu) - 20.45 Million

The Telugu Version Of "Where is pushpa" Captivated Audiences With Its Unique Charm, Amassing 20.45 Million Views. "Where is pushpa-(Telugu)" Is One Of The Most Anticipated Movies In Telugu.

6) Devara (Hindi) - 18.57 Million

NTR has a strong fan following in North India, and many people are eagerly awaiting this film. "Devara (Hindi)" sustained its success with 18.57 million views. The creators skillfully integrated cultural nuances with contemporary themes, guaranteeing a rich viewing experience for the audience.

7) Liger - 15.92 Million

Liger, a Hindi cinematic spectacle produced by Karan Johar, roared into the spotlight with 15.92 million views. While the movie might not be a box office success, its trailer and teaser garnered immense views on YouTube.

8) Ustaad Bhagat Singh - 15.77 Million

Ustaad Bhagat Singh, a Pawan Kalyan movie, earned 15.77 million views. Despite being a regular film, it attracted a significant number of views.

Movie Popularity

Most Viewed Glimpse In India In 24 Hours

Movie Popularity
WhereisPushpa(Hindi) 27.67M
Devara 26.17M
Guntur Kaaram 20.98M
Kanguva 22.06M
WhereisPushpa-(Telugu) 20.45M
Devara(Hindi) 18.57M
Liger 15.92M
UstaadBhagatSingh 15.77M

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What makes Where is Pushpa (Hindi) stand out?
Allu Arjun's stardom, fan base, and hype captivated 27.67 million viewers within the first 24 hours.
Q: What is the special appeal of GunturKaaram?
Mahesh Babu's dance
Q: Is Suriya the best actor in Kollywood?
The Cinematic Landscape In India Has Witnessed A Remarkable Phenomenon With Allu Arjun's Pushpa Emerging As The Most Viewed Glimpse Within 24 Hours. This Achievement Not Only Reflects The Star Power Of Allu Arjun But Also Highlights The Diverse And Captivating Content That Resonates With Millions Across The Nation. Pushpa's Success Sets A Benchmark, Paving The Way For More Engaging And Widely Viewed Content In The Ever-Evolving World Of Indian Cinema.

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