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Ayurveda world's oldest healing medicine

Ayurveda And Life

What Is Ayurveda?

The Word Ayurveda Comes From Ayu And VedaAyu” Means Life And “Veda” Means Science Of Knowledge. Their Medicines Is The World's Oldest Holistic Healing Medicine. It Is Called Ayurvedam And It Was Developed More Than 5000 Years Ago And Flourished In India. Mostly Indians, Americans and Arabs are following ayurvedic treatments. Ayurvedic treatments can heal a body and they believe it will help to produce healthy generations without illness. Kerala has the best Ayurvedic hospitals that's why the Europeans visiting in Kerala because they believe in traditional treatments.
What Is Ayurveda
Ayurvedic Treatment Has A Space In Human Life Because Its Treatments Are In Herbal Medicines and they don't have any side effects. It Depends On A Delicate Balance Between Body And Mind. The Main ‘Goal Of Ayurveda’, Treatment Is To Promote Good Health And Better Life. Ayurveda Is Entirely Different From Allopathy And Homeopathy Because Their Treatment Methods Are From Ancient Tradition, “Pancha karma” was the main treatment method.

In The Term Of Ayurveda ‘Positive Health’ Defined As : “Well Balanced Metabolism”

Best Ayurvedic Hospitals

India Has The Best Ayurvedic Hospitals, Because They Have The Traditional Treatments And They Are Well Known About Ancient Treatments With Herbal Medicines. If You Are From the United States Or Canada You Can Easily Buy Ayurvedic Medicines Through Amazon

Best Ayurvedic Hospitals

Ayurveda And Life

The Oldest Healing Medicines Are Called Ayurveda, Many Kind Of Herbal Treatments, Yoga Treatments, Vein Treatments, Seasonal Treatments, Etc. In United States Peoples Are Going To Visit India For Taking Ayurvedic Treatment And They Will Get A Good Result Then They Refer To Others And So Many Foreigners Are Going To India For Resolve Their Illness, In India Ayurvedic Treatments Are Very Low Price With Comparing With Other Nations. Outside Indians And Indians Are Believing In Ayurveda Life After The Therapies They Will Get A New Life

Genetic Disorder, Birth Defects, Injuries, Climate Changes, Seasonal Changes, Emotional Treatments. These Are The Major Issues Of Americans Because Their Lifestyle And Fast Life Have These Kind Of Lifestyle Issues That's Why They Focusing In Ayurveda And Very Important Factor Is Ayurveda Don't Have Side Effects.
  1. Vata Dosha ( Space And Air )
  2. Pitta Dosha ( Fire And Water )
  3. Kapha Dosha ( Water And Earth )

What Is The Benefit Of Ayurvedic Treatments

You will never get disappointment, because ayurveda don't have any side effects and every treatment methods will increase your energy, if you have breathing issue you can feel the different after the treatment that is the benefit of this treatment, you can search on google for ayurveda it's all available in google. Ayurvedic Treatments Are Designed With Our Physical Emotions And Your Primary Life Style. "Panchakarma" Is The First Ayurvedic Treatment To Heal The Body, After Panchakarma You Can Feel The Difference Of Your Body, Because It Will Cleansing Your Body To Reduce The Illness And Restore The Health. The Ayurvedic Practitioners Will Help You To Recover Your Problems That's why Everyone Saying Ayurveda Is The Best Option For Your Life

How many treatments are in Ayurveda

1) Abhyangam
4)Rakta Moksha
6)Kshar Sutra
8)Kadee Vasthi
9)Marma Chikitsa
10)Rasa Chikitsa
11)Rasayana Chikitsa
13)Magneto Therapy
14)Vajeekarana Chikitsa

Abhyangam: Ayurvedic massage therapy called abhyangam , it will give you good relaxation, pain relief. using ayurvedic oils to your body and it will gives proper blood circulation and better sleep

Kizhi: Most impotent therapy of ayurveda  and trademark of panchakarma. which is done using warm herbs and herbal powders it will help solve your illness

Acupuncture: It is the alternative therapy in china and using with thin needles, inject needles to your body it is the famous treatment method for curing paralysis, headache, neuralgia and other chronic diseases

Rakta Moksha: Purification of blood with the help of bloodletting to eliminate the toxins it will help to relieve skin disease, varicose vein, stroke

Sirovasthi: Used for nervous problems and they are very effective to eliminate nervous disorders. it was very old traditional treatment

Kshar Sutra: One of the ancient surgical treatment piles, fistula. The advantage of kshara sutra is it will save you from surgery.

Shirodhara: Ayurveda therapy Dhara is used with herbal oil, coconut water, milk and ghee. it will help you from stress AND psychological diseases

Kadee Vasthi: Keeping herbal oils and coconut on lumbar region and using special ‘caps’. back pain, multiple join parts pains are related with this treatment

Marmachikitsa: It is the most powerful treatment and they treat your all over the body for better health, it will help you to get good life

Rasa Chikitsa: Bhasma are very fine ayurvedic medicinal powder prepared by the process of calcination of metals, they are minerals and natural stones.

Rasayanachikitsa: Rejuvenative therapy, it provides good health and better life

Tharpanam: Medicines for the eyes. eyesight strengthen the optic nerve and prevent eye diseases

Magneto Therapy: New developing treatments,This is also effective in Paralysis, Neurological diseases.

Vajeekarana Chikitsa: Management of defective semen and spermatogenesis

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