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Which are the 7 Biggest Grossing Movies in South India

Baahubali 2 was the Biggest Profitable Movie in South India that film collected 1810 cr worldwide. Baahubali was the stepping stone of South India, af

Which are the All-time Biggest Grossing Movies in South India 2022

In 2022 Baahubali 2 was the Biggest Profitable Movie in South India that film collected 1810 cr worldwide. Baahubali was the stepping stone of South India, after Baahubali 2; every south Indian industry came to release their movies at the Pan level. South Indian Market value changed after the Baahubali 2: After  Baahubali 2 release; south Indian movies got high demand in North India. The Legendary director S. S. Rajamouli was the director of this movie. Still, everyone like the Baahubali Series and it's a rewatchable movie.

► Cast & Crew

  • Real Name: Prabhas
  • Screen Name: Amarendra Baahubali / Mahendra Baahubali
  • Role: Actor 
  • Real Name: Sathyaraj
  • Screen Name: Katappa
  • Role: Actor 
  • Real Name: Anushka Shetty
  • Screen Name: Maharani Devasena
  • Role: Actor
  • Real Name: Nassar
  • Screen Name: Bijjaladeva (Pingaladevan in the Tamil version)
  • Role: Actor
  • Real Name: Ramya Krishnan
  • Screen Name: Sivagaami
  • Role: Actor
  • Real Name: Subbaraju
  • Screen Name: Kumara Varma
  • Role: Actor
  • Real Name: Tamanna Bhatia
  • Screen Name: Avanthika
  • Role: Actor
  • Real Name: Prudhviraj
  • Screen Name: Official in the Kunthala Kingdom
  • Role: Actor
  • Real Name: Rohini
  • Screen Name: Sanga
  • Role: Actor
The First Pan Indian Blockbuster movie in South India is Baahubali 2 after Baahubali Part 1 and Part 2 many kinds of movies were released at the pan level but some pan Indian movies are flopped and not achieved the attention, Radhe Shyam is one of the disaster movies in pan level release; but some of the south Indian movies get a lot of success in pan level, RRR, Pushpa, KGF, etc. After Baahubali 2; KGF is the Second most Profitable South Indian movie in India, This film has achieved 1200+ cr in Boxoffice with a 100cr budget. After KGF; RRR is the third most profitable movie with comparing budget-wisely.
Biggest Grossing Movies in South India
► S. S. Rajamouli have Two 1000 cr in Boxoffice
Yash have One 1000 cr in Boxoffice

Company Contact
Baahubali 2 1810 Cr
RRR 1100 Cr**
2.0 709Cr
Baahubali 1 605 Cr
KGFChapter 2 1200 Cr (20+ Days)
SAAHO 435 Cr

📌 Let's Check South India's All-Time Biggest Grossing Movies 

  1. 👉 Baahubali 2 – 1810 Cr
  2. 👉 RRRMovie – 1100+ Cr**
  3. 👉 2.0 - 709Cr
  4. 👉 Baahubali – 605 Cr
  5. 👉 KGF Chapter 2 – 1200+ Cr (20+ Days)**
  6. 👉 SAAHO – 435 Cr
  7. 👉 PUSHPA – 362 Cr

Why are South Indian Movies getting more Box-Office Collections than North India?

South Indian films have a huge craze in north India because some Bollywood actors are not getting good films and their audience is bored due to lack of content and more and that time south Indian movies entered north India and that films have good content and quality level making that's wise every north Indians liked south films so much for an example Pushpa was a huge success in North India without promotion that's called the south Indian film market, some of the North Indian actors having good box office collections in their own states but remake s and less quality making are giving huge disappointments to Bollywood movies that are wise south Indian movies are getting more attention.

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