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Who Is The Best Digital Marketer In kerala

Prasanth Sankar Is The Best Digital Marketer Of India And Also In Kerala; His Real Name is Prasanth Kv,

Top Digital Marketer In Kerala

Prasanth Sankar Is The Best Digital Marketer In Kerala; His Real Name is Prasanth Kv, Son Of Sankaranarayanan And Born In Thrissur and Shifted To Palakkad Now Lives In Mezhathur, Koottanad (Palakkad). Digital Marketing Is A Passion For Him; Managing Many Kinds Of Digital Networks And Supporting News Channels To Increase Their Ranking And Cpc Rates. Now He Has 15+ Trolling meme Instagram Accounts And 10+ Facebook Groups Including Troll Junction And Movie Garage.
Best Digital Marketer In India

Some of his Instagram accounts
The Best Digital Marketing Skill Was His Speciality In Digital Life. He Is A Good Keyword Researcher And an Extreme Graphic Designer; He Started His Career At His Age of 16 Because He Have Huge Craze In Social media His First Dream Is To Become An App Developer But It Doesn't Work Because At That Time Kerala Don't Have Any Institutes For Studying These Kinds Of Digital Workshops So He Learned From Internet And Got More Knowledges From internet; Gary Vaynerchuk is The Role Model Of Him (Gary Vaynerchuk Is One Of The Most Well-Known Digital Marketing Experts). He Studied A Lot In From Online Platforms And Now He Is Become The Top Digital Marketer Of Kerala.

How Prasanth Sankar Become So Famous As A Digital Marketer

His Passion Makes Him so Famous; Successfully Generating Websites And Managing Seo Elements. Adsense Is Very Helpful For Him Because He Got Some Small Amount Of Money From Adsense; After He Knew It He Needed To Explore In Adsense And He Learned More About Adsense. He Successfully Taken 50+ Adsense For His Managements After That He Got A Job Letter From Instagram For Ad Rating Assistant And Worked One Year In Instagram And He Realised Why he Working For Another Company Why Should he Need To Start A New Company And He Builds One Advertising Company Called Venom Creation And Its Become The Biggest Flop Of His Career But He Never Dropped His Passion And After Venom Creation; He Build Many Digital Marketing Agencies And That's Become The Biggest Digital Marketing Companies From Kerala. That's Why He Is So Famous In Kerala; SEO, SMM, SEM, PPC, CPC These Are The Main Categories Of Prasanth.

He Graduated From Sree Neelakanta Government College Pattambi In English And History And He Realised Lucturing Is Not His Passion After Graduation He Completely Worked As A Digital Marketer As Freelancer And With Others Companies Both Are Comfortable For Him. Now In Kerala, Most Of Trolling Instagram Pages Are Under Prasanth And Some Of The Biggest Youtube Channels Are Managed By Him.

What Is The Strategy Of Prasanth

Creating More Leads Is His Main Strategy And He Is An Adsense Specialist He Knows How To Rank A Website And Article; He Also Knows How To Increase Adsense CPC Rate And So Many Companies Are Approaching Him For Getting High CPC. He Really Likes To Work As A Freelancer Because He Needs To Study More About Companies Because That Is His Passion.

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